Maximum Impact Plus

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Angie Kendel
Home Staging/Interior Design
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June 2011

  • Maximum Impact Plus provides Home Staging and Interior Decorating services. We use our extensive knowledge of the local Real Estate market, home renovations and creative design principles to attract the greatest number of potential buyers in order to obtain top selling price for your home. Whether you are selling now or are simply renovating to make your home more functional and beautiful, we can help facilitate a design that not only enhances your lifestyle, but will also improve the value of your home when you decide to sell.


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"I have been a member of the Winnipeg Business Club for about 6 years. I have found the people at the club very friendly and eager to help build each others businesses. I have received numerous referrals from other members. These new patients have referred others. The annual fee charged by the club has been paid for many times over, I have found the club to be of immense value in building my practice."

Dr. Alan Daien - Downtown Chiropractic

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